How to provide independent sponsor support via VDR software

Independent sponsorship is an effective way to raise capital for company development. It is particularly effective for start-up companies that have not yet gained the confidence of their customers and business partners. A campaign to find new investors plays an important role in attracting sponsors. In order to develop the most effective ways to gain credibility, it is necessary to make good use of digital technologies, in particular virtual data room capabilities. Find out why a company needs independent sponsors, and how to attract them via a virtual data room by reading this article.

How can companies benefit from the support of independent sponsors?

The approach to doing business has changed slightly over the last few years. In particular, we have seen a shift from using investment funds towards independent sponsorship for more than five years. More and more companies and independent entrepreneurs are trying to use funds as sustainably and creatively as possible. Companies that have independent capital have more freedom in the way they dispose of it, although this does not mean that they do not act within the framework of current legislation. There are more relaxed obligations to regulators and clients, as well as to investors. Yes, although independent companies are more likely to operate with independent capital, they may attract investors from outside the company. This may be done for the sake of stability or to broaden investment opportunities.

What are the benefits of working with independent funders? Typically such investments are straightforward, they pass the due diligence test more quickly and they are not as narrowly defined as other types of investments. Therefore, the support of independent sponsors may be particularly helpful for start-ups and companies going through a reorganization or facing distress.

How to look for independent sponsors via virtual data rooms?

Virtual data rooms ondex offer a wide range of options for collaborating with different companies. Among others, they can be used for looking for and establishing partnerships with independent companies. In particular, virtual data rooms can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Organizing a fundraising cycle. In this way, a targeted fundraising campaign can be developed, with the search for and involvement of potential sponsors.
  2. Conducting negotiations online. Data room tools allow you to negotiate with funders without having to go to the office at any convenient time for either party.
  3. Establishment of private equity funds. They are necessary for optimizing revenue streams and tracking their status during the cooperation process.
  4. Ability to negotiate with investors directly. No need to look for intermediaries to organize meetings with potential investors. You can organize direct cooperation and solve all questions without unnecessary delays.

In addition, virtual data room options can be used for conducting due diligence assessments, planning transactions and tracking their implementation stages, sharing necessary information almost in real-time. All you need to do is find an independent sponsor, convince them to partner with your company and add them to your company’s contact list.