TOP 5 online collaboration tools

Collaboration services increase the agility of organizations by enabling employees to easily share information between team members, customers, and business partners. Here is more about it.

The purpose of using collaboration tools

Collaboration is a process of joint activity in which a group of people or organizations work together to achieve strategic goals. Today conference communication is the basis of multimedia business collaborative environments. Many software platforms have been created for Internet collaboration, each of which is designed for a specific application. Collaboration tools are increasingly used in medicine, education, and business. Many of the means of communication are used for social interaction, these are already well-known social networks (Facebook, Myspace, Profeo).

The number of individual services and complex solutions from commercial companies that can be used to implement collective projects is currently constantly increasing. In particular, cloud technologies from such leading companies as Google and Microsoft open up great opportunities for monitoring and organizing students’ project work.

A quality software product should ensure that you improve functions such as information dissemination and coordination. The overall goal is to enhance teamwork to the point where it has a positive impact on productivity.

Best alternatives of online collaboration tools

For the organization of group project work services for communication, joint work, planning of stages of the project, etc. are necessary. So, we present the collection of the most preferred software:

  • Google Sheets is a handy tool commonly used by digital businesses. With its help it is convenient to plan (for example, content, finances, or tasks), keep accounting, conduct marketing analysis, make forecasts, etc. The tools simplify the process of collecting and designing a semantic core for SEO, help to analyze site metrics, aggregate statistics, prepare product feeds for retargeting on social networks, etc.
  • ShareIt is a simple utility for project sharing files between computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. For data transfer, it is enough to connect to a WI-Fi network. You can quickly and easily share photos, videos, music tracks, as well as mobile phone contacts, WhatsApp utility, or other instant messengers, applications, and other content from your device.
  • Trello is a kanban board with card lists that you can use to manage tasks both personally and as a team. In the free version, you can integrate only one service into Trello, and the size of the attached file cannot exceed 10 MB. The paid versions offer additional tools for teamwork, and also offer an increased level of security. In the card, you can exchange comments with other users, attach members, add tags, use a checklist.
  • Jira allows you to create lists of tasks, distribute them among team members, track progress, exchange opinions. The service sends notifications about changes in the task cards. Each team can create its view of the production You can add your fields to the task card. The service allows you to compile reports and monitor the performance of tasks in real mode.
  • Zoho Projects is an online application for project management that helps users plan projects, collaborate with employees and clients, track time, manage documents, and create charts and reports. It is part of the Zoho business package. Users work on a central platform where they can track progress, discuss ideas, communicate easily, and stay updated. It is cloud-based and highly available where user data is kept safe with stringent security systems. The software is also scalable based on the number of projects with the ability to add additional functionality.